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Mumbai escorts Richaa from Punjab , narrates her tale

  • Living and earning in Mumbai is not as easy as sometimes people get too bored and depressed in the process of becoming something better. But in this process of being someone they often forget the fact that they are not only chasing their dream, but at the same time they are getting away from their inner happiness. At the end of this journey, maybe they will get what they are looking for, but will that be enough to satisfy them. What about the happiness they are seeking and what about the enjoyment they missed during this long journey of earning more money. These things in life never come back, and as everyone says that time waits for nobody. Therefore, the best way to live this life is indeed by spending amazing time with Mumbai escorts. Once in a week you can surely afford to get away from all the tensions and worries of life and get yourself relaxed. Escorts in Mumbai are not only beautiful and pretty but they are super cool, and they know how to make a man happy.We all know that Punjabi girls are known for their extreme beauty and erotic curves. They have best of the best curves in the right places. They are tall and fair with skin which can even make satin run for its money. Girls from Punjab often come to Mumbai to pursue their career further, but Richaa was not like other girls.
    She was very hot and she wanted to live life on her own terms. So she came to Mumbai and apart from her studies she started working as Mumbai escorts. It was her decision because she knew that her desires can only be fulfilled if she spends time with more than a single man. She was also having inclination towards money and what better way could she find than being an escort in Mumbai.

  • She was not working with any Mumbai escort agency because she was a free soul and she always loved to meet clients on her own. She wanted people to remember her services, because she was really good at it. So she started working as Independent Mumbai escorts. Apart from that she got really good chances to spend time with more than a single man. I met her when I was in college and very desperate for some time with a beautiful girl. Richaa was my class mate but I didn’t know that she was working as Mumbai escorts. I used to like her but she never noticed me. It was during the math classes I noticed that she is struggling with her problem and I came to help her.

  • This was the first time she noticed me. After few weeks we became friends and started hanging out together. This one night I was unable to sleep and was getting really frustrated because every other person in my class was having a girlfriend and I was the only one left out. So I called my friend Richaa that I am very sad because everybody is so happy with a girl and I don’t even have that pleasure.
    She told me that petting a girl is not the solution and she will do something that will solve my problems. I was worried with that statement because I thought that she is going to make me meet some friends of her. But she had some weird things going on her mind. She came to my room at night and started telling me naughty things.
    I was surprised of her approach and she suddenly started blowing kisses all over me. One thing leaded to another and I was really having a blast. After everything was done she told me that she works as Escorts in Mumbai and if I need something more like that then I would have to pay next time. I was shocked and I couldn’t believe it at all, but later my senses came to reality and I thought that instead of having a girlfriend why not do with a friend who is seriously insane on bed.

    The Mumbai escorts have got a perfect figure that is actually required to allure and attract several men coming from various backgrounds. The exclusive services provided by the escort girls in Mumbai are really alluring and extremely fruitful in certain cases. These girls are quite talented and know how to execute their job in the most perfect manner. This actually makes them some of the most desirable escort ladies in and around Mumbai. These escort girls maintain their body curves and a perfect figure by attending gym regularly. This helps them to stay fit and active all throughout the day and of course during the night.

  • Name:

    Richaa Arora

  • Age:


  • Hair Color:

    Dark Black

  • Eyes Color:


  • Weight:

    56 Kg.

  • Height:


  • Measurements:


  • Availability:


  • Location:

    Mumbai, India

  • Hobbies:

    Dancing and Travelling

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  • Escorts in Mumbai - Places you can go to enjoy with Richaa

    We are aware of the fact that escorts in Mumbai are very pretty and they are very hot when it comes to actions in bed. Apart from that if someone is having some wishes to explore more of the life then you can also select to enjoy with these escorts outside the room. Sounds very weird but that’s actually some men do love to do before taking the escort back to their room.
    We are not saying you to just roam around with your escort in Mumbai and then never come back in your place. But it’s a good idea to at least have a conversation with her before you get hot with each other. It’s always a better idea to know each other just for a day and forget your past. Below I have compiled a list of things that will definitely help you in getting more ideas that you can experiment with your escort.

  • • Water Park – yeah you heard it right. Do you remember going to water park and looking at girls all wet and ready to have some fun with their partners. If you hire a Mumbai escort girl, then go to a water park and enjoy the day with her. This will be totally amazing as you get the opportunity to have with her while playing the water. This time for a change others will actually envy you because these escorts can definitely heat up the moment with their short clothes in the park. You will notice that people will keep on starring at you with jealousy in their eyes.
    Resort – there are tons of resorts these days where couples go to relax. They try to go away from the busy streets and spend some time alone in the wilderness. This is the best thing about resort is that you can take any independent escorts in Mumbai with yourself and have fun with them. This will not only make you feel happy but at the same time Mumbai escorts will also get a break from daily life. It’s important to break the routine from time to time, because that will make your life much easier.
    Disco and movies – If you want to enjoy a little with these escorts, then you can surely take them for movies or even discotheques. They will love the atmosphere and they are definitely going to love to party. Mumbai escort girls are total party animals and they love to get drunk and party hard. After the party they would love to go back with you and have fun. This is the best thing one can ever imagine.

  • So these are some tips and tricks for having fun with amazing Mumbai escorts, and once you hire them you are not going to regret the fact that you did. They are amazing and they can really love you and make you feel like you own them. Don’t miss these opportunities in life to have fun because you will regret it later that you got the opportunity but never utilized it.

    The escort girls belonging to various Mumbai escort agencies are available with varied forms of services and these sexy bombshells also offer various categories that include Blonde, Busty, Brunette, Skim, Dusky, Tall and many more. So these ladies are absolutely expert in the matter of providing sufficient choices and options regarding the matter of dating an escort girl in Mumbai. This wide range of availability has really made various men to opt for the escort services in Mumbai. The various escort ladies in Mumbai are extremely fashion conscious and they really know how to stay perfectly presentable at various elite events and high class occasions.

  • How to get in touch with Richaa, Independent escorts in Mumbai?

    Mumbai escorts girls are perhaps some of the best and most appropriate escort girls those who have been providing some of the best and flawless escort services for several years. Their extreme dedication towards this profession and professionalism make these bombshells not only popular but also an absolute favorite of many. The extremely raunchy services provided by these escort girls make each and every men search for the Mumbai escort services as they really prefer spending time with Mumbai escorts girls over other escort ladies. In case anyone wonders about the right way to get in touch with Mumbai escort ladies, then here are few suggestions that can surely help an individual in this matter.

  • How to get in touch with Mumbai escorts? Here are few suggestions
    These days, with several advancements in the field of technologies, getting in touch with escorts in Mumbai is really not a hard task to do. However, here are few suggested ways that can really work out in the matter of getting touch with these lovely bombshells.

  • ● Escort girls in Mumbai are pretty much available on their individual websites so one can gather relevant information about them from these websites.
    ● The escort ladies of Mumbai use their mobile phone quite actively so getting in touch with them via mobile phones is yet another useful option. This ensures convenience and comfort in the matter of contacting a Mumbai escort.
    ● The escort ladies in Mumbai are also available via emails and one can drop a mail as well if the person wishes to acquire certain information regarding several services and individual rates that are attached.

  • So getting in touch with the escort ladies in Mumbai is not that difficult and credit goes to all these modern advancements that can help a person to gather detailed knowledge and information he would probably wish to know. The escort ladies are often said to maintain blogs containing personal information about their profiles and preferences. These informative blogs definitely help an individual to gather insight and detailed knowledge regarding the escort lady with whom is about spend a raunchy time ahead. The Mumbai escort girls and certain independent Mumbai escorts are very much active over the phone so this is really a convenient process. With the daily increase in demand, the modern day escort ladies are quite concerned in the matter of establishing well framed contacts with each of their clients.

  • Even if it is late at night or at any point of time during the day, a single phone call and help a person in getting in touch with an escort lady in Mumbai. This is really helpful and beneficial that save s time and helps a person out of any further hassle in this particular matter. Independent escorts in Mumbai are available both on phone and via websites and email services as well. So, modern day techniques blended well with the immense cooperation of Mumbai escorts, makes this matter a real easy one. People shall never face any hassle as such if the availability of the several escort ladies is right there on phone, websites, emails and informative blogs.

  • If you are working as Mumbai escorts, then it’s imperative that you must be multilingual as it helps in striking a conversation with the clients. But as we know that most of the clients are from India, then it’s good to know at least two local languages that might help you a lot. It’s been seen that escorts who can speak more than four languages can easily attract their clients by speaking in their mother tongue. So, if you desire to be on the top then speaking in different languages can actually help you a lot. Below we have compiled a list of local languages that Mumbai escorts must learn in order to succeed in life.

  • Marathi – if you are in Mumbai then it’s imperative that you must learn Marathi for the sake of your own good. If you can impress the local customers then you will find that you can easily attract the local customers. Local customers are very valuable because they can be your regular customers and you won’t have to hunt down a new customer every day. Therefore, it’s always a better idea to lean Marathi and seduce your clients in Marathi. This is a must learn language for all the escorts in Mumbai.

  • Sexy dating services and other perks provided by the Mumbai escort girls

    Dating a female companion is perhaps the most wonderful and refreshing thing that can occur in a man’s life. But there are singletons with no dating options at all. For them this particular thing might seem to a real issue that might leave them hopeless and depressed. But these men can always opt for the amazing and extremely exciting Mumbai escort services that consist of dating services along with alluring female companionship. The escorts in Mumbai are extremely efficient in the matter of providing flawless escort services along with such dating perks. While on date with Mumbai escort an individual will definitely feel refreshed as he will be experiencing the most rejuvenating side of his life.

  • The Mumbai escort girls are extremely beautiful and caring. They know how to make their clients feel comfortable and keep them happy so that they could feel free to come back and avail their services for the next time as well. The escort in Mumbai are also available for other types of companionship services apart from dating services. But they are said to be real experts in the matter of dating services as they know how to interact with various clients and help them realize their own worth by making them feel really special each and every time.

This is yet another reason behind their rising popularity and demand. One can even enjoy the escort services provided by various independent Mumbai escorts. These escort girls work in an independent manner and wish to serve each of their clients with the same amount of passion, dedication and affection. The independent escorts maintain their individual websites filled with relevant information and details for the convenience of various clients. Thus this is truly a step ahead in the matter of advancements that have taken place in the escort industry.